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Outlook Theatre was formed in 2014 to do four major things:


1.  Bring under-exposed works by some of the world's greatest playwrights to the stage 

2.  Help new playwrights to attract producers for their plays by presenting public readings of new work

3.  Give artists in transition (ie. from actor to director) an opportunity to develop a new skill set

4.  Showcase the talent of emerging artists


Outlook Theatre is project-based.   We produce one main stage show each year and one or two special projects.  Having grown tired of the standard 3-week rehearsal period, we operate with a 4-week minimum rehearsal period (for our main stage show) so that our actors have time to experiment with different choices; to play; to discover; to fail; to push; and to be pushed.   We are not interested in reinventing the wheel.   We want to tell compelling stories and to tell them with clarity and truthfulness.   We are not a director's theatre.  We are not an actor's theatre.  For us, the playwright is at the top of the food chain.  We strive to play what is on the page and try to discover why it was put there in the first place and how we can shine a light on it for our audience.




Marc R. Bondy

Founding Artistic Producer


Ric Waugh

Founding Member


Brian Rintoul

Founding Member


Jacklyn Francis

Founding Member



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